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Kos & Kaos, Where Curiosity Shapes Community.

Kos & Kaos (Coziness & Chaos) where diverse Jewish backgrounds and identities converge, united by our unwavering commitment to inclusiveness and dialogue. We’re here to spark curiosity, cultivate connections, and craft meaningful experiences for everyone.

Kos & Kaos

In the vibrant heart of Oslo, Kos & Kaos ignited in 2016, and it has been expanding its ripples of inspiration ever since. We are more than just a group; we are a community, a movement, and a unique experience.

Our Mission:

At Kos & Kaos, our mission is to unite those with Jewish backgrounds or a connection to Scandinavia. We bring together the curious, the ambitious, and the open-hearted from the Nordic and North European regions.

Our goal is to foster connections, explore the world, and engage in meaningful conversations that shape our futures, both as Jews and as global citizens.


What We Do:

Kos & Kaos is a tapestry of experiences. From thought-provoking meetings to culinary adventures, unforgettable journeys, and gatherings that spark lifelong friendships. Each encounter is an opportunity to expand your network, share your unique story, and contemplate the future.

Innovation and Inspiration:

At the heart of Kos & Kaos lies innovation. We challenge the status quo, inviting new perspectives and creativity. Our events and discussions initiate global conversations about the future and the vibrant tapestry of Jewish life and identity. We’ve hosted remarkable individuals like Mosab Yousef, Rabbi Micha Odenheimer, Gerhard Helskog, and Michael Hauser To, making Kos & Kaos a platform for diverse voices and enriching dialogues.

Fighting Antisemitism:
We are committed to combatting antisemitism through workshops in collaboration with the Anti-Defamation League and the Holocaust Center, providing tools and strategies to fight hatred. Our educational partnerships with the Jewish Museum and other organizations help us educate the public and strengthen Jewish identity.

Future Goals:
We aim to expand to other cities in Norway, develop a school program to teach teenagers the culture of debate, and digitize our debate events to reach a wider audience. Our ultimate goal is to foster critical thinking, combat single-story narratives, and promote social entrepreneurship.

Join us in our mission to unite, inspire, and shape the future together.

Previous Events & Activities

Litteraturhuset Oslo



The seminar was a resounding success with over 30 participants, including numerous teenagers. Through reflection, bonding, and discussions, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the emerging wave of antisemitism, now...

Litteraturhuset Oslo

Beyond the Headlines: Unraveling the Complex Lexicon of the Israel-Palestine Conflict


The "Round Table Discussion" event on the contentious and complex Palestine-Israel conflict, held at the Literature House in Oslo, was a night of intellectual rigor and insightful discourse. The theme...

Jewish Muesum in Oslo

Potluck Shabbos

Jan 19th 2024

Our Shabbat evening, attended by over 40 people, was a vibrant celebration of community and faith. The room was filled with the harmonious sound of traditional and contemporary songs, and...

Jewish Museum, Oslo

Hannuka Fest 2023

Nov 9th 2023

Our Hanukkah celebration was truly unforgettable, shining brightly in these dark days. With an interesting historical speech by Rabbi Michael, creatively crafted Hanukkah cocktails, and excellent latkes by chef Yossi...

Jewish Museum, Oslo

Potluck with the ADL

Nov 5th 2023

We are delighted to report that our community event, held in the spirit of solidarity and togetherness, was a resounding success. With over 60 attendees, the evening was a testament...

Jewish Museum, Oslo

Rosh Hashana Evening

Sept 16th 2023

An enchanting Rosh Hashanah evening unfolded at the Jewish Museum in Oslo, bringing together a diverse group of around 35 participants. This special event, curated in collaboration with JDc's Junction...

Community Center, Copenhagen

Why is it so difficult to talk about Israel ? Copenhagen

Aug 28th 2023

An intimate gathering unfolded in Copenhagen, drawing a select group of attendees to a cozy venue. Journalists Michael Hauser Tov and Nora Savosnick took center stage for a captivating discussion...

Hos Arne, Oslo

Why is it so difficult to talk about Israel ?

Aug 27th 2023

A highly successful event unfolded in Oslo, drawing 150 attendees and a substantial waiting list. Held in a beautifully decorated venue, the evening featured a captivating roundtable discussion on the...

DMT, Oslo


June 6th 2023

The recent event in our Think Tank series was a triumph of shared ideas and unity, uniting 45 participants for an evening brimming with insightful discussion, robust debate, and camaraderie....

Hennie Onstad Museum Oslo


May 5th 2023

In the captivating halls of the Hennie Onstad Museum of Arts in Oslo, around 30Kos & Koas art enthusiasts were treated to an exclusive private exhibition tour led by a...

Jewish Museum in Oslo


Dec 17th 2022

Inspired by the Norwegian Christmas tradition of making home-made gifts right before the holidays, we decided to make a similar style Hanukah workshop. Around 50 young Jewish adults age 20-45...



Sep 2nd -4th 2022

Incredible beautiful weekend with around 30 young adults from all the Nordic countries in Norway’s most iconic mountains Jotunheiem. The weekend started with Shabath Dinner at the Hotel Gjendesheim, followed...



Feb 7th -9th 2023

We gathered around 45 adults and 20 children for an unforgettable weekend at the Ilsetra Hotel in Hafjell. On Friday we had a cozy wine evening with Nati Aviv who...



Nov 25th 2019

Jødebord has been a tradition started a few years ago by Alex Levi, Charlotte Kahn, Esther Buckmann and Ted Aspelund. This year we were lucky enough to be able to...

Nusfjord, Lofoten


March 14th -17th 2019

On the weekend of 14.3 - 17.3, a group of Swedes and Norwegians met in Bodø and took the long trip to Nusfjord, Lofoten. A fantastic place awaited there, the...



Dec 12th 2018

A wonderfully pleasant and important Channuka evening with Alma Reisel who came to talk about her work with Keshet UK. A Jewish congregation for LGTB+ in London. Delicious food was...
Kos og Kaos - Vinterdag Søndag 11 Mars



Feb 18th 2018

Ski day for children and adults at our chef Øistein's home. In collaboration with the Israeli embassy in Oslo, we had incredibly exciting guests from Israel's Arab sector who came...


Fall evening with guest speaker Yigal Palmor

Nov 11th 2017

The 16 November, approximately 45 young adults met for a delicious dinner and a very interesting lecture by the Israeli spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yigal Palmor. There...



2017-02-12 00:00:00

Ski day for children and adults with barbecue and cool program for the children and very exciting lecture / conversation with Mosab Hassan Yousef author of the autobiography "Son of...



Sept 16th - 18th 2016

Two day seminar with lots of good food (by chef Øistein Abrahamsen) and interesting lectures. About 60 people slept over at the Hytta in Bærum from Friday to Saturday. There...